I always say, I work for You. Recently, when one of my clients and I received their annual increase, I reviewed the employee reports on usage and determined that I could easily move this group to a new carrier. We could get all new applications, wait for underwriting, and issue new cards. With that information I went to the current carrier and negotiated an acceptable increase on their Health care, and eliminated the increase on their dental and group life. I work for my clients, they can refer me or they can fire me, I love referrals.
I started in the insurance industry like so many other agents, fate.  In 2002 I answered an ad that offered a good career to anyone willing to work for 100% commission.   I began selling individual health isnurance.  Since that fate full period I have made several moves.  Since November 2004 I have been an Independent Agent living and working in Clarkston.  In June 2006 I moved into my current office location, 6696 Dixie Highway.  I met Gary Lessel of L&H plumbing one day when I was trying to sell him insurance, he sold me office space.  Today I am his and Pat's medicare agent and I take care of the men in the shop too.  Thanks Pat & Gary.

I specialize in Employee Benefits:  I have worked for General Motors, Home Depot and many other small companies in my life.  What  separates the big corporations from the small companies, those with less than 100 employess (my business clients have 2 to 20), is the benefits.  I want every employer to find a way to offer the best benefit options.  Benefits define the quality of the business leaders I find.  The owners I work with care  about their employee's and they care about who they hire.  I help them manage the best plans they can afford.

CTS Insurance Agency is growing and expanding.  This year we hope to move into a larger office space, right here in the same building.  I am looking to hire another agent and and office assitant as well in 2009.

Organzations and Affiliations


Clarkston Chamber of Commerce


Local Business Network (LBN Clarkston Chapter)


Toast Masters International (Fenton)


Relay For Life, The fight against cancer (Clarkston)


Independence Parks & Recreation


 River Dawgs Baseball League


Clarkston SCAMP

American Veterans Association